Thursday, May 21, 2015
Imagine someone drinking tea alone next to a window at a cafe, reflecting about life. That's me. Tea41 is an "anything goes" blog about my /boring/ life. I've been blogging since 2006 and I have grown so much since then. I finally decided to change my writing style, from the tone of a kid to that of a responsible young adult. Hopefully, this online journal will accentuate a more mature side of me. Also, I noticed that the mood of my posts before were negative in nature, most of them are rants and suicidal thoughts. I realized that I should focus more on documenting the good side of my life, so that when I read this blog back someday, all I will remember are the good memories. Through this blog, I plan to change the way I view the world from a pessimist's perspective to an optimist one. Note though that I am not a native English speaker so please don't bully my grammatical errors in the future. I hope you understand!

That's all. Have a great day!